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The essence of strong business

Volodymyr PolischukCofounder of the company

His sphere of responsibilities includes:

• strategic planning;
• financial planning;
• financial and management consulting.

   Vladimir has been working in the sphere of finance and management since 1999 and has a profound experience in:

• production of mineral waters;
• distribution;
• manufacture of glass products;
• confectionery production; 
• agriculture;
• construction;
• wine-making.

Vladimir’s experience in asset management of various entities has become the background for the development of his individual business and the basis for strengthening the investment holding. Vladimir is an active member of the “Finansist” club.

Vladimir has a Master’s in Finance of the Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University , he graduated from the Open London University, where he was granted the following certificates: Effective Manager (1997), Financial Management and Personal Computer (1998), Practical Marketing (certificate with honors, 1998), Professional Certificate in Management (1999), Managing Resources in a Market Environment (1999), Managing Development and Changes (2000), as well as a professional Diploma in Management (2000) and a Certificate in Economics (2011). 

He received an MBA "Strategy" degree in The Open University (London).


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