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Oleksandr SokolovDirector, Analytical Department

His sphere of responsibilities includes:  

  • assistance and structuring of M&A deals; 
  • direct and venture investments, capital market transactions with direct investment funds, private placement;
  • representation of the interests of foreign and Ukrainian sellers and buyers in merger and acquisition deals with participation of direct investment funds, as well as representation of the interests of leading Ukrainian issuers and investment banks in terms of deals for raising debt and equity capital;
  • market analytics and research, strategic marketing, business valuation. 


Oleksandr joined Pro Capital Group in 2005. He used to work in analytics in the banking sector. He has unique experience as a business-consultant for borrowers and creditors regarding credit mechanisms and structured financing.  

More than 500 projects in the area of market analytics and marketing research have been implemented under Oleksandr’s supervision. Moreover, he has over 8-years of experience in implementation of consulting and investment projects, analytical and marketing research. 

Oleksandr graduated from the Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University with a Master’s degree in Banking. At the same time, he has been granted a number of certificates from the Ukrainian Institute of Stock Exchange and the Ukrainian Association of Marketing.  

Oleksandr is one of the leading experts in capital markets of Ukraine.



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