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Anna CherkaskaDirector, Depositary Operations Department

Her sphere of responsibilities includes:


  • custody and accounting of undocumented securities on the owners’ accounts, implementation of transactions related to change of ownership; 
  • work with the systems of the National Depositary of Ukraine and All-Ukrainian Securities Depositary; 
  • comprehensive services on dematerialization of company shares with further maintenance of shareholders registers on the securities accounts. 

Anna has profound experience in securities transactions. She has been working on the stock market for over 9 years, holding a Director position at a company-issuer and custodian of securities for 6 years.  She joined Pro Capital Group in 2010. 

Anna has a Diploma of the Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industies. She finished a Master’s Training Center of the Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University . At the same time, she holds an MBA degree and a number of professional certificates issued by the National State Securities and Stock Market Commission.


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